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The lack of medication adherence can impact patient outcomes by lowering the quality of life and increasing preventable health care costs. 


Affinity’s Medication Program administers customized programs to chronically ill patients to improve wellness and prevent avoidable hospitalization. Working directly with pharmacists, physicians, and chronically ill patients, Affinity staff conduct a comprehensive medication review, wellness checks, and maintain contact with the patient to maximize adherence and effectiveness throughout the duration of a 30-day discharge period.  

The Affinity services provides a holistic assessment of the patient, including implementation of a best-practices medication adherence plan and a 24-hour pharmacist staffed hotline. 

In addition to your current contractual pharmacy services, Affinity is equipped to serve as your dose-packaged pharmacy.

Medicine Prescription
 Medication non-adherence is a
$300 billion problem accounting
69% of hospitalizations. 
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