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Customized, holistic program improves adherence, reduces readmissions

As it expands to deliver its customized, holistic medication adherence program to chronically

ill patients, Affinity Patient Coordination is successfully working with Skilled Nursing Facilities

to reduce costly hospital readmissions.

In fact, in a new trial study involving chronically ill patients that were recently discharged from an Illinois SNF, Affinity services and consistent follow-up contacts resulted in zero hospital readmissions within the 30-day post-hospital discharge period. The finding is particularly encouraging given that the federal government last year penalized 73 percent of SNF providers nationwide for poor readmission rates.

“Affinity is taking the lead in working with providers, hospitals and SNFs to deliver customized programs that improve wellness and prevent unnecessary trips back to the hospital,” Affinity Clinical Services Director Andrea Chbeir said. “As we continue to grow and reach new audiences, we are excited by the possibility of dramatically reducing the staggering and preventable costs tied to hospital readmissions.”

Affinity works directly with pharmacists and chronically ill patients to address the largest cost- driver in the health care industry: medication adherence and related hospitalization. The federal government estimates that 69 percent of hospital admissions are tied to nonadherence in taking medication. Affinity addresses that challenge by working directly with patients to conduct a comprehensive examination of a patient’s health challenges, medication regimen and cognitive and physical states. It then works with healthcare providers and its team of pharmacists to create a customized plan that better suits the patient’s needs. An ongoing dialogue is critical to the process, with Affinity staff contacting patients to address unforeseen issues tied to medication management and adherence.

Beyond the numbers, the personal success stories tied to Affinity’s services continue to grow.

Consider: “BL” is a chronically ill patient that was most recently hospitalized with a right tibia fracture and respiratory failure. Following a medication review and patient assessment, Affinity pharmacists successfully recommended discontinuation of a prescription that can trigger breathing complications. Affinity professional staff then conducted daily wellness checks with the patient and family members, tracking improvement and addressing unforeseen issues. At the conclusion of the 30-day discharge period, the patient reported continual improvement in breathing and mobility, and had advanced to using a walker.

“Affinity recognizes that no two situations are the same and a customized service program is critical for better adherence and better outcomes,” Chbeir said. “We are thrilled by the consistent results we’ve seen to date and are committed to even greater success as we reach new audiences.”

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