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Executive panel addresses IAMHP Annual Conference

Affinity Patient Coordination leaders highlighted the company’s BEP certification and proven approach to addressing the largest cost driver in health care: medication adherence and related hospitalizations, during a presentation to industry leaders at the 2019 Annual Conference of the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans.

Moderated by President Jennifer Hammer, the panel of Affinity leaders discussed the importance of customized, holistic programs to ensure better adherence and ultimately reduce preventable patient trips to the hospital.

“There are countless programs out there that rely solely on technology to improve medication adherence. But as we’ve seen time and again, nothing beats personal interaction and ongoing communication with patients,” Hammer said. “Affinity is not only a BEP vendor but also delivers the best case scenario by coupling the latest technology with continual patient contact to ensure that regimens are working as designed and delivering the intended results.”

Joined by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Dearie and Director of Clinical Services Dr. Andrea Chbeir at the IAMHP Conference in Tinley Park, Hammer emphasized that Affinity works directly with patients to make a holistic assessment and then collaborates with physicians and pharmacists to implement a comprehensive strategy for better health.

That formula has improved medication adherence to 94 percent and reduced hospitalizations by nearly 40 percent among chronically ill Affinity patients.

“From providers and insurers to pharmacists and the patients themselves, there are few challenges more important than improving medication adherence and realizing better outcomes,” Hammer said. “Affinity is on the front line of meeting that challenge by working directly with patients and their professional teams to deliver holistic, customized programs that reduce costs and most importantly, improve wellness.”

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Affinity works with chronically ill patients to address the largest cost-driver in the health care industry: medication adherence and related hospitalization. The federal government estimates that 69 percent of hospital admissions are tied to nonadherence in taking medication. Affinity addresses that challenge by working directly with patients to conduct a comprehensive examination of a patient’s health challenges, medication regimen and cognitive and physical states. It then works with healthcare providers and its team of pharmacists to create a customized plan that better suits the patient’s needs. An ongoing dialogue is critical to the process, with Affinity staff contacting patients to address unforeseen issues tied to medication management and adherence.

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