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Chbeir teams with health firm delivering holistic care for chronically ill

Affinity Patient Coordination has announced the addition of veteran clinical pharmacy

Dr. Andrea Chbeir

specialist Dr. Andrea Chbeir, Pharm.D., BCPS, to assist in delivering services for chronically ill patients that ensure medication optimization, prevent costly hospital admissions, and ultimately result in better health for those most in need.

Dr. Chbeir will serve as Clinical Services Director.

“Affinity is on the cutting edge of providing customized, holistic services for chronically ill patients that improve health and cut down on return trips to the hospital,” Chbeir said. “I am excited to lead our Clinical Services team and advance Affinity’s innovative approach to providing care and services that result in better medication adherence, and better outcomes.”

Dr. Chbeir has over 15 years of experience designing clinical programs in various settings as clinical pharmacy specialist. She is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, has completed two post-doctoral residencies and is certified in antimicrobial stewardship through the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists. Chbeir completed two post-doctoral residencies, with her final residency focused specifically in the area of cardiology at the University of Oklahoma. Throughout her career, Chbeir has been a leader in her profession through national speaking engagements, residency program accreditation surveying for the American Society of Health- System Pharmacists and her participation on various national and local clinical advisory boards. Most recently, Chbeir was integral in the design and progression of clinical programs at Blessing Health System as the clinical pharmacist supervisor, residency program director and antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist.

Affinity works directly with pharmacists and chronically ill patients to address the largest cost- driver in the health care industry: medication adherence and related hospitalization. The federal government estimates that 69 percent of hospital admissions are tied to nonadherence in taking medication. Affinity addresses that challenge by working directly with patients to conduct a comprehensive examination of a patient’s health challenges, medication regimen and cognitive and physical states. It then works with healthcare providers and its team of pharmacists to create a customized plan that better suits the patient’s needs. An ongoing dialogue is critical to the process, with Affinity staff contacting patients to address unforeseen issues tied to medication management and adherence.

As Affinity continues to grow, Dr. Chbeir’s knowledge and experience is a welcome addition to the expanding team.

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